World Of Warcraft’s Subsequent Expansion Hinted At By A Tiny Detail On A Leaked Armor Set

World of Warcraft’s most recent expansion, Legion, launched significantly less than a year ago, but it appears Blizzard may perhaps currently be gearing as much as release a further large addition for their venerable MMORPG.

World of Warcraft update 7.3 not too long ago hit the game’s public test realm, and, needless to say, dataminers have currently combed the patch for hidden data and clues. Fans have discovered assets for the new Kul Tiras Quest Armour set, which they think may well point toward the setting with the subsequent expansion.

“This set is named after the maritime nation led by Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore inside the Second War – it really is been mysteriously silent right after the Third War. You can buy cheap wow gold find eight icons within the database for Kul Tiras Quest Armor. These icons all stick to a naming scheme, that is really equivalent towards the scheme for icons applied for special quest gear in preceding expansions.

Zooming in around the side armor on the skirt, we can extra clearly see a map to a new zone, also as some tentacle decorations underneath. Could we be going to Kul Tiras inside a future patch or expansion?”

That is lots of divine from a tiny map on the side of some guy’s skirt, but hey, legit leaks have come from stranger sources. Kul Tiras has factored heavily into Warcraft lore inside the previous, but players have never been offered the Wow Power Leveling likelihood to go to it yet. The tentacles and barnacles surrounding the map around the armor appears to indicate the hypothetical Kul Tiras expansion might possess a nautical theme, and just may well pit players against the Warcraft universe’s Lovecraftian Old Gods. Might be a little of a welcome departure from the “demons from space invade Azeroth” storyline WoW has been focused on for any whilst.

World of Warcraft: Legion launched back in August 30 of 2016. Patch 7.3 is expected to be the expansion’s last key update.