World of Warcraft: Southshore vs Tarren Mill Matchmaking Bug Will probably be Fixed Soon

The Southshore vs Tarren Mill brawl in World of Warcraft has been a terrific throwback to long nights of open world PVP from WoW’s early days. What has not been fantastic is occassionally acquiring thrown on a team of 15 Alliance players against 40 rampaging Horde members.

Southshore didn’t final lengthy in that game. As shown by way of a screenshot around the World of Warcraft forums, and immediately corroborated by a lot of cheap wow gold:

Thankfully this mismatch concern was immediately spotted by the World of Warcraft development group, and also a hotfix was announced. Even so, the wait’s been somewhat bit as well extended for some people, who still have the issue crop up.

Complaints continued to rage around the forums until WoW CM Ornyx stepped in once again:

Just a note that the hotfix has not been implemented however, that is why you’re nevertheless encountering the balance concerns in games. It appears as although the hotfix needs realm restarts to take impact, so we are going to be processing these in off-peak hours.

They didn’t deliver an ETA, but provided the severity with the problem plus the limited time nature in the brawl, it’s likely to happen quickly. Never be shocked when the realms did a rolling restart within the early hours of tomorrow morning, so be prepared for that if you’re a night owl.

Have you been playing World of Warcraft’s newest PVP brawl and run in to the problem oneself? Let us know inside the comments and welcome to pay a visit to our specialist web-site to buy wow gold on-line!