World of Warcraft PTR Data Might Point To An Ocean-Bound Subsequent Expansion

Patch 7.three is presently on the Public Test Realms and Wowhead has datamined the gear from patch. There is a new set of quest armor, named soon after Kul’Tiras, an island that when sat off the coast of Lordaeron, for the west on the Dwarven city of Dun Morogh. Kul’Tiras was an island filled with maritime soldiers along with the original dwelling of big Warcraft character Jaina Proudmoore. Using the Cataclysm expansion, Kul Tiras was pushed off into seas unknown. No one has heard on the island considering that that expansion, but you’d think a race of sea-faring heroes would ultimately find their way back to Lordaeron.

The quest armor in question carries the “kultirasquest” branding, related to Wow Power Leveling quest gear from preceding expansions. The gear also shows a map of what appears to be a shattered Kul’Tiras on its hip. Seeing the return of your island would be a major component on the Warcraft lore, particularly as a corrupted and angry Jaina Proudmoore has left the Alliance behind. But who would we be fighting? Humans isn’t all that fascinating.

The rest with the gear could answer that too. Around the skirt of the armor, you may see tentacle and barnacle markings. Fans are speculating that that is reference to the Old Gods, on-and-off enemies hidden deep within Azeroth. They as soon as ruled the planet, building the Black Empire. Players have fought 3 of the four Old Gods: C’thun deep within Ahn’Qiraj, Y’Shaarj’s heart within the Underhold, and Yogg-Saron inside the Emerald Nightmare. The final, N’Zoth, was the Old God behind the corruption of Deathwing, but otherwise, we’ve but to face it.

There’s a Legion artifact weapon for Shadow Priests known as Xal’atath, Blade of your Black Empire. Within the lore, the weapon is supposed to possess survived in the time from the Black Empire. Not just does the weapon have a hidden look, the Claw of N’Zoth, in addition, it occasionally whispers towards the user. A number of the whispers are random, while other relate for the present zone you are in. A number of lines point towards N’Zoth’s revival.

“It appears the prison of Nazoth just isn’t as sturdy as it as soon as was. What you see is a tiny growth from the behemoth that may possibly yet consume your world.”

“It is ironic that the weakest of us may be the ultimate victor. C’Thun, Yogg-Saron, Y’Shaarj, and… nicely. Only one particular would stay to buy wow gold consume the world, that was usually meant to be.”

“The God in the Deep writhes in his prison, breaking cost-free ever so slowly. You ought to hurry and defeat the fallen titan… you can find higher battles however to fight.”

“The fallen titan” is usually a reference to Sargeras, who players just defeated inside the Tomb of Sargeras raid. Gradually, Blizzard is dropping hints that our next fight may be against one of several Old Gods: the God from the Deep. This may also explain why Kul’Tiras has been silent and why Jaina has slowly fallen into anger and rage. Likewise, Queen Azshara of the aquatic naga has made appearances in Legion. Azshara was corrupted with the aid of Xavius, a clear agent of N’Zoth. She appears in flashback and truly has an entire dungeon, the Eye of Azshara, devoted to her folks.

Kul’Tiras, N’Zoth, God with the Deep. Queen Azshara. After space, the only place left to explore is definitely the oceans of Azeroth, appropriate? Is this all pointing towards yet another expansion, or perhaps a patch? We’ll see, as Patch 7.three doesn’t even have a release date at this point.