World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone and other Games Attack by DDoS

Game corporation Blizzard Entertainment reported on August 13 that the DDoS attack hit its game servers, including World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone and other titles.

“We are at the moment monitoring a DDoS attack against network wow gold providers that is affecting latency/connections to our games,” Blizzard posted on Twitter.

On Sunday, Blizzard noted that Down Detector, a tool employed to monitor on the internet outages, had recorded far more than 2,800 reports, indicating that there was one thing wrong with its gaming solutions.

Igal Zeifman, the director at Imperva Incapsula, said in an e mail to SC Media, that although the attacks failed to entirely bring down an online gaming operating get in touch with, they nonetheless possess a serious influence on the service. “Competitive on-line games are an appealing target for any DDoS offender aiming to build large-scale mayhem in hope of some Online notoriety,” said Zeifman. “Moreover, such gaming networks are also especially vulnerable to denial of service assaults simply because, as opposed to numerous other targets, they don’t have to have to become taken offline to develop into unusable.”

“In the case of a real-time online game, even a small level of latency, as a result of a technically “failed” attack, is adequate to cause major disruption to gamers trying to find a totally responsive and immersive expertise. This can be precisely what is happening within this case. Even if some users are in a position to log in, the latency they expertise nonetheless makes Overwatch unplayable.”