World of Warcraft Legion PVP Season 3 End Date Revealed

World of Warcraft the third PVP Season for Legion is pretty much coming to an end – and the Blizzard has ultimately offered us the date that we really need to buy wow gold be aiming for: June 13th.

Previously, the end of these seasons foreshadowed the arrival of new content material and (commonly) the balance patch, but with all the arrival with the Legion, points have already been a bit desynched this time – the raids might be open on June 20, 1 week following the finish of Season 3.

With all the arrival of your Tomb of Sargeras, you can find a lot of class changes coming to WoW, so Blizzard has decided to wrap issues up one week ahead of time to be able to stay away from throwing a wrench around the rankings.

As usual, Blizzard has mentioned that so as to get your rewards, you’ll want to refrain from transferring realms or factions until the finish with the season. This can be because the finish of season rewards are based on your faction. So for those who transferred your character for the duration of the season, make certain you have got at the least 150 wins under your belt on your new faction to receive your rewards.

As a reminder, Cruel Gladiator’s Storm Drake mounts are awarded for acquiring Gladiator in Legion Season 3:

The end on the third season also indicates the cutoff to get the Cruel Combatant achievements (winning 100 arena or 40 ranked battlegrounds) by the end, which awards the Vicious Saddle token. As an instance, you’ll be able to use this token to acquire a variety of racial mounts, which includes the Vicious War Turtle and also the Vicious War Mechanostrider. You are able to see each of the Vicious Saddle rewards right here.

The Legion Season 3 titles and mounts might be awarded on June 27 or so about, about two weeks after the finish with the season.

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