World of Warcraft: Class Mounts Stay Here Right after Legion

With the World of Warcraft patch 7.2.5 coming quickly, Senior Game Designer Paul Kibit took to Twitch to have a further live Q&A with the community.

The biggest highlight of the Q&A that revealed yesterday is that the Class Mounts are right here to stay past Legion. This opens up some possibilities, including new class mounts being made for new expansions and more.

Perhaps the most important thing for the raiders is that the number of equippable slots for Legendary items is staying at two. This may be a bit disappointing for those players who wish to fully outfit themselves in artifacts from WoW’s past, but it is understandable.

“We will continue to balance them,” said Kibit. “Increasing the cap to three could make that balance harder, and also makes the whole process of ‘getting your legendaries’ longer. Two slots allow for some shifting of slots still.”

Here are some other highlights from the Q&A conference:

No confirmation on the exact release date for 7.2.5, but the team is aiming for next week.
There’s a class change AMA coming up in the next few weeks
New PVP brawls on the horizon
Deep Six – Battlegrounds with only six people
Packed House – Arena maps with many people
Temple of Kotmogu with extra haste
New items that give Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms flight paths to alts.
Transmog and barbershop services will be free during the Trial of Style event, an event that will let you and a group enter a fashion show and vote on each other’s best transmogs – thus saving you a ton of gold in the process as you try to strut your stuff.

Although we do not have an exact official release date of World of Warcraft 7.2.five, we do at least know that it will appear before June 20, which will show the opening of the Tomb of Sargeras raid. It’s not much far away now.

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