Why Won’t Revelation Online Let Me Play As Cooler Races?

There are many different kinds of MMO players, ranging from the casual for the super hardcore. Regardless of whether you’re into just questing and doing your very own issue or getting on the cutting edge of progression contents, quite a few MMOs seek to present a little one thing for everybody. Despite our differences, however, numerous players have one thing in common: we choose to look super cool. Possibly there are some players that could literally be taking a look at a bunch of boxes and windows and have a blast (I’m looking at you, EVE Online devotees), but the majority of us choose to play the hero, and it tends to make sense to would like to look the aspect. MMOs present a wide selection of gear selections, ranging in the plain rags we ordinarily start off with towards the frequently ridiculously over-designed pieces from raids at max level. When it comes down to it, having said that, all these pieces of gear are just icing, and when the cake is crappy it does not truly matter. We have to have our characters themselves to appear cool, and Revelation Online Coins does not seriously give numerous options that make me go “Oh cool!”, anything that really should change for any wider appeal.

In the character creator for Revelation Online you happen to be presented with numerous choices that make it look like there is character customization but the alternatives may be summarized in a line or two. You’ll be able to be a major beefy dude, a skinny dude, a skinny lady, or possibly a loli-esque ‘cute’ girl character. This really is a thing that we’ve noticed lots from loads of asian MMOs (especially the Loli characters which honestly kinda creep me out). Why don’t I’ve additional solutions, although? Where are the non-human characters that add a little extra diversity to a sea of humans? Tera is infamous for it is Loli race the Elin, but even Tera gives us choices like the Popori, the Baraka, and also the Amani. Revelation Online offers us only several different possibilities – all of which are human. You can’t even necessarily choose the physique form you desire. Do you’d like to be a big muscular Spiritshaper? Too bad, due to the fact the developer has decided to stick towards the cliche of frail and physically delicate casters so you happen to be stuck using a waif of a character irrespective of what gender you make a decision on.

What is funny is that I definitely never really feel like it would take substantially to add far more playable races into the game. You’d believe that with only humans out there to play that the planet of Revelation Online could be inhabited just about exclusively by humans, but there is a rich selection of races, all of which would make a cool addition towards the game’s character creation. Since I never choose to encounter as whiny without the need of the constructive part of criticism, I’ve listed a handful of races I think would be great additions for the cast of playable characters.

These are just a few races of Revelation Online Gythil that I feel need to make their debut as playable options. As I talked about above, a part of the appeal for many players of MMOs is looking the portion, and sadly at this time the game does not supply enough assortment. The Revelation Online inside the West is just a port of your Asian MMO, so for any updates to come here they would 1st have to release in China. One can only hope we get just a little more range in the years to come, as the shortcomings within the character creator are really hampering what otherwise is actually a quite cool title.