What Star Wars History May perhaps Inform Us About Rian Johnson’s New Trilogy

Yesterday, the news dropped that Rian Johnson’s time inside the Star Wars universe wouldn’t end with all the Last Jedi. Alternatively, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that Johnson could be operating on a brand new trilogy of films, separate in the principal Saga films, that would “introduce new characters from a corner in the galaxy that Star Wars lore has in no way before explored.”

It really is massive news that raises a great deal of SWTOR credits inquiries. A single is if this new trilogy indicates that the saga stories – the ones with “Episode” in their title – will probably be ending soon after J.J. Abrams’ Episode IX, or if this separate trilogy will take the place in the standalone movies – Rogue A single, Solo, as well as the probable Obi-Wan Kenobi movie – as soon as they are all completed. A further query is what “a corner from the galaxy that Star Wars lore has in no way before explored” indicates. The old Star Wars EU left extremely tiny unexplored, so if Iger meant “never” actually, then that will be some thing extremely far inside the previous, extremely far in the future, or from a location so far away from something we’d recognize as Star Wars.

If Iger meant “unexplored” as “left alone by the new canon,” that opens issues up significantly. Disney has locked the new canon into stories set just before or simply immediately after the extant movies. That leaves open issues mentioned but not “explored” by the new canon. This feels slightly a lot more probably than films set within the Star Wars universe but barely recognizable as such.

If that is the case, then you will find a handful of solutions that would make sense, offered what we currently know, inside the type of “unexplored” stories from the vast history in the old Expanded Universe – components of which have currently been borrowed for the new canon over the course of Rebels, the comics, and also the films. buy SWTOR credits on the internet.