Two new classes, an raised level cap and much more are coming in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

The world of Eorzea is set to expand again this June, when the Stormblood expansion comes to Final Fantasy XIV. Set within the far eastern lands of Gyr Abania and Othard, this new expansion bumps the level cap up to 70, introduces two new classes and adds a new eight-man raid, alongside a complete host of good quality of life modifications for Square Enix’s MMO.

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Ultimately adding the final original class in the very first Final Fantasy, Stormblood allows players to take up the feathered cap and rapier together with the Red Mage class. A common ‘jack of all trades’, the Red Mage is adept in each swordplay and magic, being able to buy FFXIV Gil use both white and black magic spells in battle.

Fitting the Far Eastern setting, Stormblood also adds the new Samurai class to Final Fantasy XIV. Wielding deadly katanas, these honour-bound warriors must be a decent melee DPS class, making use of their knowledge of swordplay to carve up the enemy.

This expansion lastly enables players to swim inside the waters of Eorzea, providing them the capacity to discover the numerous lakes and rivers dotted worldwide. Using the completion of a precise quest, you’ll be able to attain the bottom of your ocean to look for treasure and what ever else lurks in its depths. If deep-sea diving isn’t your thing, Stormblood adds elevated choices for digital interior designers, by doubling the furnishing limit for all player owned housing. With this expansion introducing a brand new residential region on the island of Shirogane, players have some extra houses to decorate.

For those hunting to get a new raid to conquer, Stormblood has players battling against the robotic Omega within the new Interdimensional Rift area. Initially employed by the Allagan Empire to fight against the primal Bahamut, Omega has not too long ago escaped its stasis to hunt down one more primal. In its quest, it seems to have disappeared into the mountains of Gyr Abania, exactly where players should venture to so as to recapture this deadly autonomous weapon.

Should you be planning to try out Final Fantasy XIV for yourselves ahead of Stormblood’s June release, Square Enix not too long ago changed FFXIV Gil cost-free trial period so that new adventurers can play for free up until level 35. For all those that have fallen off the wagon over the past few months, Square Enix are also running a special ‘Free Login’ campaign until May perhaps 7, where those that have registered their account as inactive can briefly jump back into Eorzea cost-free of charge.