Top 5 Safeties in Madden 18 NFL Ultimate Team

Now as we shift gears to the safeties on the list, these are frequently your final line of defense in terms of playing Madden(Madden 18 coins), they support you around the run, and can lead to a lot of a dropped pass for 4th down in the passing game. So with no additional ado, let’s present

1) Kam Chancellor

The Legion of Boom enforcer leads all defensive backs in hit power using a punishing 97 rating. Chancellor’s speed allows him to assist in blitzing situations as well and help inside the run as well as play centerfield in specific scenarios and aid separate the ball in the receiver, generating him one of the most lethal weapons to get a defensive Madden player to work with.

2) Eric Berry

The Kansas City Chief came in at quantity 2, and when he may well lack the hit power of Chancellor, he does not want for coverage rating within this year’s Madden. He is inside the mold of guys like Peterson and Talib, exactly where if they get mut coins buy a hold of the ball on a turnover, it might be six points for the defense.

3) Earl Thomas

Here’s the other member from the Legion of Boom. Now even though some inside the Pacific Northwest may bristle in the reality that he’s rated decrease than Berry this year. When Berry has the much better return expertise when a turnover takes place, exactly where Thomas stands out is in zone coverage, which will make the Seahawks one of several scariest teams to throw against in Madden this year.

4) Harrison Smith

The Viking defender tends to make it to quantity four on this list, and although Smith is listed as a Absolutely free Security, his strenth and hit energy from the secondary is bested only by Chancellor. Allowing players a tad bit additional versatility on the subject of defending the run or the pass.

5) Eric Weddle

Where the former Charger lacks in raw physical attributes in comparison with the other safeties and some corners in this list, he’s related to Josh Norman as his awareness is definitely the highest amongst the safety group.

In hunting at the Madden ratings for the secondary, some teams stand out a lot more than other individuals, namely Seattle’s and Denver’s. Irrespective of whether players gravitate towards these two teams in relation to defending the pass, the globe will discover out on August 25th when Madden 18 releases worldwide.check out