The Elder Scrolls Online’s Events and Promotions to Celebrate it Reaches 10 Million Players

It’s no longer strange for Bethesda to view success with its games, but even the Elder Scrolls Online was not anticipated to do as effectively as it has. And now it has reached a magnificent quantity of new players, the publisher is ready to celebrate.

The corporation has announced that it has reached more than 10 million players participating in the online adventure, and adding a victory lap to the occasion, it has announced numerous events and promotions around the amount of audience.

Initial of all, the game will see a complete week of Totally free Play across the board, for PlayStation 4, PC and Mac. It’ll run from November 30th to December 6th, through which time you can be able to discover a multitude of quests and dungeons inside the game. (Sadly, the Morrowind extension just isn’t included). Here’s the breakdown of all the content coming directly in the publisher:

A Huge Open World of Adventure: Access towards the full The Elder Scrolls Online base game (not such as ESO: Morrowind). Go wherever you desire with whoever you would like for hundreds of hours within the massive open world.
500 Totally free Crowns: All new accounts obtain 500 Crowns to spend in the Crown Store on distinctive pets, useful XP scrolls, potions and more.
Progress Retention: Progress created from earlier Totally free Play events are retained for those who choose to return. Any characters made, Crown Packs purchased, or Crown Store items bought, also as any progress produced during Free of charge Play Week, will carry more than for those who choose to buy the full game.
Just a speedy note: if you’re playing on PlayStation 4, you may will need a PlayStation Plus membership to join in.

Secondly, there will also be a particular in-game dungeon occasion that requires location all through the week, with the opportunity to win bonus in-game awards, which includes consumables and collectible prize packs, with pets, mounts and costumes to become earned. All you need to do is full a Random Dungeon by means of the Dungeon Finder(on Regular or Veteran difficulty) and you’ll get a Mysterious Reward Box with goodies inside. Free Play Week players can also participate in the fun.

Ultimately, for those who would like to buy the game at a more affordable value, they could get pleasure from a 50% discount all through the week from the November 30th towards the December 6th. This incorporates the PlayStation 4, PC and Mac versions.

Congratulations to Bethesda on reaching this good new feat, and we can not wait to find out the next for the game world!