The Elder Scrolls Online Wrathstone DLC Will Launch on Consoles in March

Bethesda has announced that the Wrathstone DLC of Elder Scrolls Online will be released on the PC for the very first time on February 25, 2019, then around the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 12.

Kicking off the Season of your Dragon, Wrathstone will challenge the players with two new four-person dungeons: Frostvault and Depths of Malatar. The players’ mission is always to uncover the two components on the mysterious Wrathstone tablet while exploring harmful ruins and facing deadly foes.

In Frostvault, players will reclaim the treasures buried beneath the ancient glacier. And in the Depths of Malatar, they may visit discover the ancient Ayleid ruins to discover the fate of the lost imperial expedition.

Players will likely be rewarded for their efforts with highly effective new gear, exclusive collections and mysterious relics. Wrathstone’s journey will lead them to the Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr, that will be released in June.

Wrathstone will be readily available to all ESO Plus members with totally free of charge. Other folks is going to be in a position to buy the DLC with crowns from the in-game shop.

Bethesda will release Update 21 to the base game in addition to Wrathstone. This cost-free update will bring a brand new Battleground and PvP rewards, the new Zone Guide tool, and Guild Trader UI update, at the same time because the frequent bug fixes and improvements. The Zone Guide tool will display the following:

Featured Achievements
Zone Story Quests completed
Wayshrines unlocked
Delves completed
Points of Interest visited
Striking Locales visited
Set Crafting Stations visited
Mundus Stones visited
Public Dungeons completed
Dolmens / Abyssal Geysers completed
Planet Bosses defeated
Skyshards unlocked
Lorebooks unlocked

You can check out the detailed patch notes on official ESO website soon, and we are going to also share the information with our readers on our ESO Gold web site as quickly as possible.