The Elder Scrolls Online Will Expand in 2018 With New DLC

For Bethesda and the Elder Scrolls Online, it has been really an eventful year this year, especially with its long-awaited Morrowind add-on. However the team has not completed however.

The publisher released a brand new blog post this morning, seeking back on the year 2017 and what lies ahead for the ESO online-enabled adventure. It talked about ways to introduce Morrowind in to the fold and how you can conclude the adventure with the well known Clockwork City DLC. But which is just the starting.

The director in the Elder Scrolls Online stated: “I’m extremely happy to say which you can anticipate three more DLCs as well as a full new Chapter for ESO in 2018.”

As outlined by the official news, the Elder Scrolls Online will expand further in 2018 with 3 new DLCs, and excellent of life improvements for characters as well as your homestead.

The first DLC is titled Dragon Bones, as its name implies, it really is Nord-based in theme, with every on the two dungeons expanding upon the lore of that region.

Following the Dragon Bones is definitely the update full of quality-of-life improvements and additions, like polish for the MMORPG, and consist of “at least one long-awaited feature that absolutely everyone who cares about their characters’ look will love as well as the Homestead storage items as previously discussed. We are going to deliver you with extra specifics about this update when it launches around the PTS early (really early) next year.

“Of course, it is not generally about new content, we’ll devote some time for you to add additional improvements and fix any outstanding troubles and bugs.Please keep tuned for the PTS patch notes for updates on those, and definitely, preserve your comments coming around the forums and elsewhere. We worth your feedback and take it quite seriously,” stated Bethesda.

So it sounds like the adventure is far from over, Elder Scrolls Online fans. We’ll see what the future holds in just a few weeks’time with the Dragon Bones debut trailer!

The Elder Scrolls Online is now offered for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation four. Welcome to get cheap eso gold online.