The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind | All Stones of Cold Fire Areas

All Stones of Cold Fire locations required to finish the quest At Any Expense inside the Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

The Elder Scrolls Online is definitely an MMORPG franchise that has stressed the exploration of its vast and beautiful landscapes via story driven content material, and the Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is no exception. One such quest is “At Any Cost” which will have the player traveling all over the island of Vvardenfell to discover Stones of ESO Gold Fire. We put collectively a handy map under showing you where all seven are located.

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Finishing At Any Cost

Soon after you have got completed the Reclaiming Vos quest, you can unlock the At Any Expense from Mistress Dratha located in Tel Mora. Upon doing so you will be asked to collect Stones of Cold fire situated all around Vvardenfell.

When you have collected all seven Stones of Cold fire, head back to Mistress Dratha to enter the Prison of Xykenaz. When inside defeat Xykenaz and turn the quest in to complete this activity.

Ashalmawia: This stone is situated inside the Ashalmawia delve. Appear for massive metal doors to enter the dungeon. You’ll either require to defeat or sneak previous the miniboss, Zylara, when inside to gather the stone. There’s also a Skyshard within the delve, and we wrote a guide on how to gather it.

Bal Ur: Head inside of Bal Ur Underground to collect this stone. There’s a Phylaraak miniboss inside which you can either defeat or sneak past. The stone is positioned subsequent to candles inside from the shrine.

Esutanamus: This stone is situated subsequent for the Esutanamus Shrine. There’s an simply avoided Daedroth miniboss that patrols the area.

Kushtashpi: An additional stone that’s effortlessly situated out inside the open next to its shrine. Just like Esutanamus there’s an avoidable miniboss inside the location.

Ramimilk: The easiest stone to collect. This a single is out within the open inside of the shrine with no minibosses within the location to deal with.

Tusenend: Head inside with the Tusenend shrine and either defeat or sneak previous the Kythiirix miniboss. You’ll discover the stone is nearby on the ground.

Yansirramus: Inside of your Yansirramus shrine is a Brakuum miniboss which you will wish to buy ESO Gold defeat. Soon after undertaking so appear for the stone close to the top of your region.