The Elder Scrolls Online is going to Summerset

Bethesda announced today that the ancestral home of Tamriel’s Altmer”the Higher Elves”will be the setting of your next Elder Scrolls Online expansion, Summerset. The expansion will conclude the story that began in 2015 with all the Orsinium DLC, and can add a brand new zone, the Psijic Order faction and skillset, a new jewelry crafting talent, and new Delves, Bosses, in addition to a 12-player Trial named Cloudrest.

Summerset is often a lush, beautiful location, “but trouble is hiding within the shadows, and corruption threatens to destroy High Elf society from within,” Bethesda mentioned. That could possibly be why Queen Ayrenn has opened the borders to outsiders for the first time in Altmeri history, and also why she’s not really living there Right Now. As an alternative, her cousin, Alwinarwe, guidelines as regent, aided by Khajit spy Razum-dar, Valsirenn from the Psijic Order, and Alchemy, a performer inside the Residence of Reveries.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset will go reside on Pc on May well 21, and is out there for pre-purchase now in many editions, which includes a swanky physical release that comes using a statue in the Daedric Prince Mephala. Pre-purchasing may also net you the Queen’s Bounty Pack, with the Court of Bedlam costume, a Pocket Salamander pet, treasure maps, a Psijic Vault Crown crate, and experience boosters, plus a digital copy of the Morrowind DLC and also the Nightmare Senche mount. Full specifics are available at