The Elder Scrolls Online: Dragon Bones DLC Is Offered Now Alongside Character Customisation Update

The Elder Scrolls Online has just added two new dungeons as a part of its Dragon Bones DLC package: Scalecaller Peak, the burial web page of a long-dead Dragon Priest that is now full of cultists, along with the ancient Dwarven ruin of Fang Lair, which can be packed with necromancers. Yes, there will probably be a dragon to fight – or a minimum of the reanimated bones of one particular – and as quickly as you step into among the list of dungeons, you’ll get a mask for the Dragon Priest.

The Elder Scrolls Online Plus members get the DLC automatically, although other individuals want to get with 1,500 crowns on the in-game shop. That may be 9 pounds or 15 dollars of genuine funds.

Bethesda has also released the free Update 17, which introduces an outfit program that lets you customize the look of the character to what ever you like, regardless of what gear they’re wearing. It looks pretty robust and also you will spendĀ  Gold to change the appear of one’s helmet, chest, shoulders, hands, waist, legs, feet and weapons individually.

Also, the update will also let you store storable products inside your residence for the initial time through a storage container. After you upgrade your character to level 18, you will get your initially character, and you may buy extra characters in the vendors.

Lastly, Update 17 involves a new ‘skills advisor’, which helps you choose your abilities depending on a selected archetype, at the same time as two new PvP battlegrounds. Mor Khazgur and Deeping Drome are only out there to players who personal TESO: Morrowind.