SWTOR sells a single light sword inside the shop for 50 €

SWTOR’s cartel industry reaches new dimensions. A single light sword fees 50 €!

The in-game shop of Star Wars: The Old Republic has become a two-edged light sword. Even though there are plenty of compact to purchase SWTOR Credits, like added character traps, much more bank draws or new hairstyles, a large portion from the truly “cool” rewards is hidden in crates with random prey.

When obtaining such boxes, players can put a huge selection of Euros in the cartel market place devoid of truly obtaining exactly the “one” item they wish. And for exactly these players you have a remedy ready and tends to make a test run with the Unstable Light Sword.

The unstable light sword of your ruler is from the rarity stage platinum, therefore the rarest stage. If you want, the Lichtschwert in the future can not only get out from the boxes, but additionally straight from the ingame shop. The price tag is at dizzying 7.600 cartel coins – converted corresponds specifically 50 €!

Inside the game, the Light Sword is specifically well-liked, because it includes a distinctive effect, which strongly resembles the sword of Kylo Ren from Episode VII.

The present is nevertheless limited in time and can only be purchased until 14.03.2017. Right after that, the instable light sword in the ruler disappears in the cartel industry.

The reactions in the neighborhood are mixed. Some are pleased to purchase the item straight, others regret that they spent a lot money to pull it out of a box.

Cortyn says: Holy moly, however the developers of SWTOR go on thin ice. Already, the cries in the forums are loud, that the game is when again “before the abyss” and the cartel marketplace likely “no longer adequate income throws”. In the end, this is a special opportunity for frustrated players to obtain cheap SWTOR Credits a very coveted item – but is that worth the cost that would otherwise expense a fully new game? For this you have to be a really significant SWTOR fan … or have dollars like hay.