Star Wars: The Old Republic – Overview: Summer updates and upcoming improvements

The developers of Star Wars: The Old Republic have announced what plans they have for the on line roll-up game within the coming weeks and months. The beginning of your ‘summer-of-SWTOR’ updates is the patch 5.2.2 “Summer on Nar Shaddaa”, which can be to appear on 13 June. In July, the “Sisters from the Bloodbath” continue, prior to a crisis on Umbara burns in August. Read More

Summer season on Nar Shaddaa – Game Update 5.2.2 – June 13th
The return with the Nar Shaddaa nightlife event with each of the rewards, such as a new gametrean fellow!
Spaceman Enhancements – Increased props get, common combat ships and bombers, also as new ship customization capabilities
Fellowship influence by crew skills missions
Commando knowledge legacy added benefits for second-person characters. As quickly as a single of your characters reaches Commandorang 300, you will get a new legacy advantage to increase your KEP gains for all your other characters
There’s now the possibility to make stage four armor
Theron Shans and Shae Vizla’s apparitions can now be adapted
New Legacy Positive aspects: Slider Navigation four and 5 (increases the motor speed by 120/130%)
Level 1 gear can now be purchased for command tokens

Sisters of the Bloodbath – Game Update five.3 – July
The second encounter in ‘gods from the machine’ with the operations bosses Aivela and Esne within the story and veterans mode
A brand new fortress using a terrific sea view
New filters for the search of fortress decorations
The start out of class balance adjustments for the following classes: Witch / Scholar, PowerTech / Fighter, Assassin / Shadow, Sniper / Revolver Hero, Mercenary / Commander Soldier and Saboteur / Rogue
Appearances for other companions can now be adapted

Crisis on Umbara – game update five.4 – August
The story continues in the new Flashpoint ‘Crisis on Umbara’
Appearances for other companions can now be adapted
And there’s much more …

In addition, Keith Kanneg (Lead Game Producer) talked about upcoming alterations and improvements in operations, player-versus-player battles (Plaver vs. Player), gameplay, story and companions. Gamers can buy cheap SWTOR Credits on now!