Star Wars reading list: exactly where to start immediately after you finish the films

The Star Wars universe is greater than just a handful of blockbuster films and animated tv shows. The sheer volume of material is really a double-edged sword: it provides cheap SWTOR Credits dedicated fans plenty of new material to immerse themselves in, nevertheless it can also deter newcomers who just wish to dip their toes within the water.

Using the new series of films from Disney, Lucasfilm decided give filmmakers a clean slate. The tie-in novels are still becoming published, but they are not a part of the official canon. That doesn’t mean these books are not worth reading: recently, Timothy Zahn returned for the Star Wars universe to inform the origins of his most well-known character, Grand Admiral Thrawn, who was not too long ago brought back in to the canon through Star Wars Rebels.

Considering the fact that that book hit shops, loads of people today have asked about the way to get started in on the mountain of material which is Star Wars, canon or not. Since the Force Awakens, that question has gotten a little more difficult to answer, mainly because the books are split into two continuities: the non-canon Star Wars Legends (otherwise generally known as the Expanded Universe) as well as a new series of books that fall inside the official canon.

That’s a great deal of reading. But where to have started? This is not a complete set of book recommendations, nevertheless it need to serve as a superb beginning point.


In 1991, Del Rey Books launched a brand new novel from author Timothy Zahn: Heir to the Empire, kicking off the huge Expanded Universe publishing experiment. Given that Disney decided to buy SWTOR Credits wipe the slate clean and label these stories Legends, it is possible to believe of it as a sort of alternate Star Wars universe. Dozens of authors wrote hundreds of novels that explored the spaces around the films.

If you are JUST Acquiring Started:

The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn. Ask any Star Wars reader what book to begin with, and nine instances out of 10, you’ll get the exact same answer: Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy. Heir for the Empire, Dark Force Increasing, and also the Last Command kicked off the Expanded Universe, written because the third trilogy decades before The Force Awakens arrived. They’re sensible; they introduce some wonderful figures for instance Grand Admiral Thrawn and Mara Jade, a former Imperial assassin who sooner or later becomes Luke Skywalker’s wife; and they hold up incredibly properly years immediately after they were published. When you only ever study a couple of extra novels, make it these.