Star Wars Presents Fans a Platinum Light Saber for About $60

Right here is the announcement in the Old Republic community team.

Later now we are going to be adding the very first ever Platinum rarity item towards the Cartel Industry for direct sale, the Unstable Arbiter’s Lightsaber. The single-handed saber is going to become on sale from currently, Tuesday 3/7 by means of subsequent Tuesday 3/14 at the price of 7,600 Cartel Coins.

Before the item is posted we wanted to allow you to buy SWTOR Credits about why we’re offering a Platinum item at all plus the rationale for its price.

Why put up a platinum item for direct sale?

Because the introduction of Cartel Market packs we have had requests to permit additional products, in particular our rarest items, to become purchased directly with Cartel Coins. The want is usually to spend for the item and keep away from the random nature of Cartel packs. For some time now, we’ve got been direct selling far more Cartel pack things and our data shows it’s a well-known approach of acquiring certain things in the Cartel Market place. But, we’ve got been cautious of carrying out this with Platinum products, as these things are intended to become exceptionally rare and we will need to ensure we don’t cause them to become undervalued, especially for players who got them from packs.

Why the cost of 7,600 Cartel Coins?

It is lots of Cartel Coins, but this sale is directed at those players who have the resources to obtain the item. The cost is set greater than current Hypercrates and earlier Gold rarity things to help maintain the rarity in the Unstable Saber. We might find out that direct promoting Platinum products erodes their worth, and that can have an impact on how we handle these sales in the future. Generally, this can be a test and we wanted you to be aware of what we are performing and why.

The net result for us is we need to see if that is anything our players have interest in. When guaranteeing it doesn’t undermine the value for players who already have a single and see how receptive everybody is going to be to us continuing to rotate other Platinum items in to the Cartel Market inside the future. Greater than probably, we wouldn’t direct sale Platinum products until they’ve been unavailable from Cartel Packs for any quantity of months. This will likely also support preserve their rarity for a fairly long time.

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