Rival Wings turns Final Fantasy XIV into 24v24 MOBA

A brand new patch by the name of Rival Wings has been added to Final Fantasy XIV, and in this update can be a game mode that pits teams of up to 24 players against each other inside a PvP arena assisted by AI goblin Automatons, considerably like a MOBA.

The point in the game is usually to destroy towers as well as a shield generator just before going for the opponent’s core. The game also allows you to pilot various varieties of giant mechs which can be scattered about the arena, if you’ve managed to gather up sufficient Ceruleum that is certainly.

This game mode can also be out there to players employing the free trial, and along with Rival Wings the patch delivers a brand new Bard action named ‘Perform’, which enables Bards across Hydaelyn to create the hills come alive with all the sound of music.

If that is not adequate to whet your appetite patch 4.15 marks the start out of Season 6 in the Feast, that will run till the release of Patch 4.2. Adventurers are invited to enter the arena and climb via the ranks in an effort to earn fierce new armour and weapons of war.

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