Revelation Online Introduces New Instance: The Grand Bulwark

Currently, Revelation Online decided to clear some points up for the instance called The Grand Bulwark. In this announcement, Revelation Online Gythil exposed the extremely detailed lore about Grand Bulwark and what type of challenges the players can except upon embarking on this journey.

In the Grand Bulwark, a lengthy standing war involving two rival factions is rages on. Those two rival factions will be the Northern Wolves Tribe along with the human capital of Nuanor. The hate just keeps expanding because of each sides thinking they’re the right and feeling justified for their actions. Nuanor is responsible for killing the old king of Northern Wolves Tribe, when the Northern Wolves Tribe is held accountable for pillaging and killing their way by means of the enemy border. The two factions are inside a never ever ending circle of hatred that locks them in perpetual combat. But, the new king with the tribe sees no point in this war, since it is bringing extra violence and death towards the lands than ever, and he even desires to establish peace involving the two sides. Having said that, not every single tribe member agrees with him and quite a few wish to continue fighting against the humans.

So, a part of the tribe decided to separate themselves in the rest and continue the war in order to retain the traditions alive. Their strategy will be to get inside of Nuanor in disguise and then attack from inside. In order to maintain the stability of those two factions, this kind of situation calls for a neutral party. And that just might be a player like you. In order to support out and assist fix the problems from the two factions, you could do so in 3 modes: 5-Man Dungeon mode, 5-Man Slaughter mode (to get Cheap Revelation Online Gold a unique point of view), or the Expert Mode (10-Man raid). Head over to the official internet site for complete details.