Nintendo Switch Is Receiving A Diverse Version of FIFA 18

This will likely be the second year EA Sports makes use of the Frostbite Engine to develop FIFA, and we’ll also see the next chapter for the Journey story mode. Each pieces of info are cause for optimism for FIFA gamers unless you’d planned on playing the game on your Nintendo Switch.

Switch owners are having a unique version of FIFA and theirs is not going to be operating on the Frostbite Engine nor will it have Journey mode. In fact, it won’t even be known as FIFA 18 Coins. Alternatively, it’s FIFA around the Nintendo Switch.

That is potentially a huge blow for the sales in the game around the Switch unless needless to say fans are enamored with all the portability.

No other system offers fans an chance to play the beloved series on the go, and as we are able to see from sports gamers like Hit The Pass’ Wealthy Grisham, some fans are willing to accept a downgraded version simply because they may be treated to a transportable pitch.

Grisham’s take is an understandable one. FIFA is definitely the perfect sports game to play on a plane, bus or train. The thought of it can be exciting. That mentioned, I am not confident I’m OK with EA and Nintendo signing off on a product that is certainly clearly subpar when when compared with the version that should launch for rival systems.

One thing about that just appears insane.

I liked FIFA 17 a whole lot plus the Journey was my favored mode. As an individual who seldom plays games away from dwelling, I’m disenchanted. Without that expertise and comparable visuals, it is tough to uncover the motivation to play FIFA on the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, the Switch version will provide some one of a kind modes that the PS4, XB1, and Pc are not providing.

That would be the lesser version’s only saving grace. Read far more at