Madden 18: Teams with Most Dominant Rosters and Player Ratings

Given the way the Madden series reflects true life accurately every year, it’s not as well tough of a mental physical exercise to figure out which teams are a few of the finest in the new Madden 18.

Speed nevertheless reigns supreme in Madden, though teams with top-tier defensive backs will now be extra vital than ever because of the new choices the game offers Madden 18 Coins to players when it comes to playing the ball in the air.

And though EA Sports keeps bringing along offenses and defenses at the very same clip (wideouts have much more possibilities at the line of scrimmage to beat the press this year), the best teams and most enjoyable to become had comes from the NFL’s blistering offenses.

New England Patriots (93)

It is no shocker that the New England Patriots come in because the game’s highest-rated team.

Tom Brady sits on certainly one of the uncommon 99 ratings and features a tight finish by the name of Rob Gronkowski, who sits only 1 point behind Brady within the general department.

Granted, Gronkowski will most likely possess a higher injury rating once more. But this year the actual and virtual Patriots do not really feel reliant on him not together with the arrival in the 86-rated Brandin Cooks, who comes equipped with 96 speed. Don’t overlook a stable of running backs, either, such as the shifty Rex Burkhead.

As described in the introduction, though, defenders are a vital part of this equation at the same time. The Patriots are unfairly loaded within this region, with defensive backs Malcolm Butler and Devin McCourty coming in at 92 overall.

So whilst Brady does not offer a ton of cheap mut 18 coins speed within the pocket, he has a lot more weapons to hit than usual, and his stacked defense must let players have no issues taking benefit of the new controls.