‘Madden 18’ News: Exclusive Q&A With Executive Producer Seann Graddy

EA Play 2017 is over and we learned a lot about Madden 18(buy Madden 18 coins). There’s a new story mode coming called Longshots, target passing and co-op play are being introduced in the form of MUT Squads.

Even with the info we’ve already learned, there’s still more questions. I had an opportunity to ask 10 of those questions to the game’s executive producer Seann Graddy. Here’s what he said:

Brian Mazique: If you were to use a scale of 1-10 to gauge how different the passing game is in Madden 18 as compared to Madden 17, with 10 being totally different and 1 not being different at all, what would the rating be?

Seann Graddy: Rather than putting it on a scale of 1-10, let’s just say it’s going to be different for different users depending on how they use the passing game. For everyone, they’re going to see smarter safeties as we’ve improved our AI in deep zone coverage. That will change some of the reads you might be used to making on deep balls. Additionally the new target passing mechanic is fundamentally a skill gap mechanic. That means it is a mechanic you’ll want to spend time with to master. The most elite players will find ways to use it the right situations, we could mean huge changes in their passing game. It’s a risk/reward mechanic as you’re giving up motion in the pocket as you ty and find your spot on the field.

BM: Is the injury presentation more realistic?

I’ve spoken with members of the dev team in the past and asked for the announcement of injuries to be prolonged during CFM. In the real NFL, you don’t learn the severity of an injury until the following day or so after it happens. In previous Maddens, you know the full prognosis before the current game is done. I always thought it would add some Madden Mobile Coins immersion if you had to wait until the game was done and you made it to the midweek practice before you know the full diagnosis.

Any chance something like that is in the game this year?

SG: That is not planned for this year. We pride ourselves on authenticity so it’s certainly an idea we’d discuss in the future.

BM: In MUT, will we be able to customize uniforms and stadiums this year?

SG: No plans for customization at this time.

BM: Also, will the legends we unlock in MUT be accessible in CFM or Exhibition?

SG: Not at this time. Legends are exclusive to MUT.