Final Fantasy XIV trial version no longer limited to just 14 days

Square Enix no longer limits Final Fantasy XIV’s trial period to just 14 days. Everyone who desires to buy cheap FFXIV Gil check out the game can do so indefinitely for any length of time, cost-free from the stress of a time limit. In other words, you never must stop playing it!

Of course, the trial version still has its limitations, and not nearly precisely the same level of content makes itself offered. Players might be capable to raise themselves to level 35, which is nonetheless a pretty strong chunk of gaming contemplating its completely absolutely free. Other content material will also be available, as outlined by Square Enix.

Adventurers can attempt out awesome jobs, test their abilities around the 1st 10 levels of the Deep Dungeon and indulge in all of the activities the Gold Saucer has to offer you, including Chocobo Racing!

Square Enix is even reviving old characters and accounts in order that players can pick up where they left off if they have abandoned the game at some point.

No far more excuses, Final Fantasy fans. It’s free of charge!

I nonetheless stand by my claim that Final Fantasy XIV is definitely the very best modern day creation with the classic Final Fantasy style. Monsters, characters, music, themes, storytelling, art style. Almost everything in the early days in the series flawlessly carries over into this title.

Fans could possibly shun it for being exclusively played on the net and for getting a month-to-month subscription, as opposed to each other game within the series, but with this a great deal of it offered entirely totally free, they ought to no longer dismiss the game outright. Give it a try! Unless you either have no free time or are just afraid of being incorrect, Final Fantasy XIV just may grow to be your next new addiction. gives inexpensive FFXIV Gil for you personally now!