Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Preview – Dungeons

The dungeon we got to play through was Shishui in the Violet Tides that is for four level 63 jobs. Shishui was built by Raen refugees who fled underwater to obtain Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil away in the continuous wars on land. Sadly for the Raen wraiths have taken control on the men and women who reside there.

Although we weren’t swimming, due to becoming inside a bubble on the seafloor of your Ruby Sea, the feeling of being underwater was incredibly clearly conveyed despite in no way straight seeing the ocean or bubble edge. This video shows the incredibly beginning of your dungeon and every single of your three boss fights. My favored fight was the last 1 which has three distinctive phases and they repeat more than and over. It wasn’t tough to find out however it was pretty active and entertaining.

Our characters had each and every job leveled to 70 and I chose to play as a Ninja due to the fact while I’m acquainted with it, I never frequently play a Ninja and I wanted to view how tough it was to pick-up using the new gauge system. By the finish of your dungeon I was feeling pretty comfortable with it and also although I wasn’t maximizing my skills the ideal way possible I still felt successful and I did not feel entirely overwhelmed. I did nevertheless totally neglect about using the Limit Break during the whole dungeon mainly because I was so busy paying focus to each of the other factors.

As far timing of patches post Stormblood goes Yoshi-P said they plan to maintain the 3 – 3½ month cadence they’ve currently been doing. He stated it appears to be a great rhythm for the players which keeps them from either feeling like they run out of things to complete also quickly or really feel overwhelmed with content. It’s also a superb cycle for the developers due to the fact they will regularly place out high top quality content with no killing themselves. The present plan for what these patches will include is odd numbered patches will have one dungeon and some other new content though even numbered patches will have two new dungeons and QOL improvements.

I also spoke briefly with Yoshi-P about if they may possibly add a lot more older dungeons for the roulette technique to help there be extra selection since it may be truly boring to only have a couple of dungeons as selections. He said the problem with adding older dungeons in will be the older ones which demand a lower degree of gear will be significantly simpler to perform than the new dungeons. Because of this, players would wind up preferring the easier/faster dungeons and would drop group anytime they got a harder dungeon and it isn’t a mentality they would like to buy FFXIV Gil encourage.