Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood – New Facts, Media, Benchmark Offered

Final Fantasy XIV director and producer Naoki Yoshida hosted the 35th “Letter in the Producer LIVE” on Friday, and revealed a storm flood host of new data on the upcoming expansion, including a new trailer, media, and also the release with the official Benchmark, so you can see how properly your Computer are going to be in a position to run Stormblood. I am content to report that even with the elevated minimum needs, I can eke by a little bit bit longer…

We have a great deal to cover right here, however the first point we want to address this really is beautiful new artwork released this morning:

Beautiful. As well as this artwork comes 40 new screens and character art which you can find in our gallery. All of these shots are from the newly-released Benchmark, which brings us to our initial point.

Stormblood Benchmark

If you play FFXIV Gil on Computer, you are going to most likely desire to understand how effectively Stormblood will run on your rig. Because the expansion marks the finish of PlayStation 3 assistance, the minimum requirements have gone up slightly. So will you must upgrade ahead of June? Go download the Benchmark and discover! Note that the Benchmark is only available for Computer, so the 3 of us who also play on Mac will just must cross our fingers. If you are a PS4 player, you are able to nonetheless view the footage in the Benchmark right here.

When you weren’t awake at 5am Pacific Time on Friday – or speak Japanese – it was easy to miss this Reside Letter. But there’s a lot of tidbits we discovered! The majority of data came within the type of queries, as the dev group pulled concerns from the community for Yoshida to answer.

Whew! Think it or not, but these have been just the highlights. If you are a critical Final Fantasy XIV player… properly, you already know all this. But I also left out seriously specific questions about specific NPCs and hairstyles, but you can get the whole official rundown from this official FFXIV forum subject.

That covers factors for now! Recall, check out our Stormblood gallery for new pics, and since the expansion will surely be at Square Enix’s E3 booth subsequent month, seek out hands-on impressions then! Final Fantasy XIV Gil: Stormblood releases June 20th for Computer, Mac, and PlayStation four, and is readily available in several retail variations.

Of note: We now understand that the special in-game earrings out there for pre-orders possess a bonus of providing your characters a 30% EXP enhance as much as level 50. So that is beneficial!