Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Is Spectacular And Damn Nicely Worth The Hype – A Spoiler-Free Evaluation

Let’s not pretend to get a second that we thought I’d give this game a score below a 7. The long time FFXIV player in me desires to offer Stormblood a 10/10 so badly. So quite, quite badly. But I’m not right here as a FFXIV(buy FFXIV Gil) fangirl, so let’s break down the massive update by sections ahead of giving it a final evaluation. I will try and retain this review spoiler-free. I can hit you with spoiler thoughts later-on down the line when persons actually have a likelihood to have by way of the game.

Among the very first things that changed with Patch 4.0 Stormblood, whether or not you bought the expansion or not, was a full overhaul of the combat program. Abilities have been changed around, some have been lost, some moved to completely unique jobs, and we got role-specific ability pools to chose from. Every single job also got a new UI element which was created to increase the effectiveness of that specific class. And most of the time it is fairly darn beneficial, although I do recommend minimizing it a little and shifting it more than out on the way. The default place is just not best.

I mainly tank, and my primary tank job is as a warrior, so the adjustments hurt me a little more than most. Whilst I can handle end-game Stormblood content reasonably nicely regardless of the lack of my principal harm down and health regen cooldowns, tanking points below level 56 is really a bit dodgy. I had to use two of my five allotted role-skills to pick up a harm down and also a overall health regen ability. Provoke, certainly one of the principle tank skills to pull hate off other party members, is now a role-skill, which took up my third. Which left two slots for any stun as well as a tiny damage-over-time proc.

And then I got stuck in instance hell due to a series of DDoS attacks that plagued the game through early access. Which left me operating old dungeons and trials. I ended up in Urth’s Font, the Odin primal battle from A Realm Reborn. Becoming level-sunk down to 50 meant that I lost my Warrior damage-down potential, and just had one health-regen from my native WAR capabilities also as a vulnerability down proc that requires a solid two minutes to pop back up. Immediately after wiping since the healers just couldn’t hold up with my harm intake, I dropped my DOT proc and picked up a further damage down. Which left me servicable, however it also meant that I ended up missing out on a great deal of FFXIV Gil the new tank function abilities.

Due to the fact I had to take Rampart, Convalescence, and Awareness – two of which have been initially on my hotbar anyway as capabilities pulled from Gladiator back within the day where skills have been cross-class and not from a role pool – they were now there to create up for the loss of two Marauder abilities I ought to have picked up early on inside the game progression. With Provoke and Low Blow taking up my final two role expertise, I did not have space for thinks like Shirk – which is excellent for off-tanking – or an AOE Provoke that would enable with keeping group hate. And that AOE provoke is quite darn useful with Red Mages now in a position to dualcast and hit faster than I do as a tank going by means of my enmity rotation.

Add to that the adjust inside the parry stat – we now heal greater primarily based on damage we take – its created the mixture of a Scholar healer in addition to a Warrior tank so unwieldy you may too quit and die some days.