Final Fantasy XIV Players Talk Prospective New Outfits For Veteran Rewards

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG that embraces the history with the franchise although also producing a brand new and thrilling place to be in, play in, and knowledge. Among the highlights for many players is the fact that they can earn Final Fantasy XIV Gil subscription rewards that’ll allow you to dress as particular previous Final Fantasy characters. Getting fair, they’re “glamour outfits”, but nonetheless, getting your MMORPG character dressed like a classic character is quite cool. For now, there is a restricted level of such special outfits. But that is not stopping a lot of people from calling out ones they’d like to have within the future.

This all got started by Reddit user HHypello, who set out an incredibly easy but exciting challenge:

“Let’s say Yoshi-P approaches you and lets you decided on a single final veteran reward costume. Who would you select?” he asks other Final Fantasy XIV players.

He first let the neighborhood know what he himself would want. He’d prefer to get Rikku’s outfit from Final Fantasy X. It would apparently function actually properly for any Monk or even a Machinist.

Other selections from fans include Reno’s suit from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Young children, Meliadoul/Temple Knights from Final Fantasy Tactics, Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, Serge and Kidd’s from Chrono Cross, Auron from Final Fantasy X, Golbez’s armor from Final Fantasy IV, Ashe’s outfit from Final Fantasy XII, Zell’s outfit from Final Fantasy VIII, Cindy’s outfit from Final Fantasy XV, Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, along with the Kingsglaive garb had been also pointed out.

Once more, this is just fans obtaining enjoyable and saying what they personally would like in the game, this is not a “coming soon” factor, but you never ever know what the Final Fantasy XIV team could do inside the game. What classic Final Fantasy outfits or gear would you like to see? Let us know within the comments beneath and buy cheap FFXIV Gil on