Final Fantasy XIV Patch Notes Detail All the New Alterations That The Stormblood Expansion Brings

Square Enix has shared the complete patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV’s Stormblood expansion, detailing anything new that has been added for the game, including new regions, new jobs, key story quests, and boss fights. Beneath is really a have a look at just some from the capabilities added towards the game, at the same time as the game’s official launch trailer.

Very first off, new locations happen to be added, including Rhalgr’s Reach, Kugane, The Fringes, The Peaks, The Lochs, The Ruby Sea, Yanxia, and the Azim Steppe.

New city and field aetherytes have been added at the same time.

New key scenario quests happen to be added for the expansion.

New FATEs have been added to the game, also because the possibility to encounter a special enemy more than the course of any FATE. Participating inside a FATE through which a particular enemy seems will give players the Twist of Fate status, regardless if the FATE was completed or not. These beneath the impact of Twist of Fate will acquire elevated EXP for completing FATEs.

The new housing location, Shirogane, has been added.

The ability to swim in specific regions has been added, as well as the ability to dive once the appropriate circumstances happen to be met. When diving, players may also be able to go spear fishing.

Two new jobs, Samurai and Red Mage, have already been added using the release of Stormblood. Each are DPS classes and each are unlocked in Ul’dah.

New dungeons have already been added to the game at the same time, and when completing a level 51 to 59 dungeon or maybe a level 61 to 69 dungeon, players will normally receive a single piece of gear equippable by their present class or job.

New trials, Susano and Lakshmi, have been added.

The launch of Stormblood sees the addition of a lot of new gear for each class.

New mounts happen to be added, also as new minions.

To verify out the patch notes in their entirety, it is possible to visit Final Fantasy XIV’s official Lodestone.

Final Fantasy XIV is out there for Computer and PlayStation 4. The Stormblood expansion is at the moment in early access and can launch on June 20th. Welcome to purchase FFXIV Gil on qualified web-site