The 35th Final Fantasy 14 Live Letter with all the Producers was streamed on Twitch and YouTube. They spent a whole lot of time running down Stormblood before it is June release and answering quite a bit of the communities concerns that had been asked on the Final Fantasy Forums.

Very first off, there was a lot of speak in regards to the most important key characters that will be displaying up in Stormblood and also the roles they will be playing in your adventures in Ala Mhigo and Doma. We have been given descriptions about quite a bit of those FFXIV Gil characters, some familiar faces for example Raubahn, who will supposedly be playing a major role in Stormblood together with his son Pipin and Yugiri, who we saw for parts of Heavensward as she helped the Warrior of Light clear their names in the coup that besmirched them earlier.


There is also a appear at the new faces of Stormblood, as well as the roles they’ll be playing inside the expansion. Zenos yae Galvus, is amongst the new characters, and also the leader of your 12th Legion and also the Crowned Prince of the Garlean Empire, that at the moment occupies Doma and can probably be our key Garlean adversary. Lyse, who was revealed to us as a a part of the three.56 storyline as Yda’s sister, who she has been masquerading as to maintain her memory going and do some fantastic for the planet, can also be going to play a large part inside the rebellions and can most likely be the primary particular person we are assisting to restore Ala Mhigo and Doma.

This was then followed up by a lengthy Q/A Session with handpicked community questions about the upcoming expansion, detailing what is going to be seeing inside the new expansion, and further particulars about what has been announced currently.


Many concerns were asked about housing and how the new moving program will function. To move homes, you’ll have to go to the placard like you were going to get it, and if you already have a home, then you will get a pop-up box just asking to move that one particular as an alternative to paying a sum of gil. The producers have also said that when you’re moving homes, when you move to a home that is exactly the same size, everything ought to be transferred more than no dilemma, nevertheless for those who opt to upgrade or downgrade your home, all your items will be thrown into a “warehouse” for later use as soon as you move in.


As for gear for the new jobs, the producers stated that all of the Primals will get weapons for the new jobs, also because the Alexander raids, but the Binding Coils and Zodiac/Anima Relic weapons is not going to have weapons and gear for Red Mage or Samurai. As for the Job Precise Artifact Gear, it will be given to you when you reach your level 70 job quest (just just like the ARR Artifact Gear was).


As for mounts, there are actually quite a bit of adjustments coming to ground mounts. The most significant thing is that they are making them faster. Their speed is having doubled, although you need to unlock it by beating the 3.0 primary story. There will also be a approach to make them go even more rapidly supposedly but no particulars were released about that besides you’ll have to unlock it per region. As for flying mounts, not a lot is altering other than they all might be utilized underwater. There is also a number of much more special underwater mounts planned apart from the 1 you get for ordering the collector’s edition. The Falcon, an underwater ship, as well as a tiger supposedly.


The last significant factor that was announced in the reside letter was the Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood Benchmark that was released. The benchmark was announced with a trailer to show you a glimpse of what you’ll be seeing. It allows you to enter character creator and see some of the new hairstyles and what’s changed in there, at the same time as taking you through some of the zones with many NPCs participating in huge battles, showing off swimming plus the underwater gathering, or having a glimpse at new abilities along with the Susano fight. It really is offered for download at this time so you can also see how your set up will deal with the game. PS4 Pro customers are also going to obtain cheap FFXIV Gil possibilities in regards to graphics, there is just two however, but you can opt for to either have good overall performance or excellent graphics in accordance with the producers.

This can be it for the most significant announcements in the live letter for Final Fantasy 14, extra information and smaller sized announcements are inside the live letter translation over on the Final Fantasy forums also as the download for the benchmark being available around the Final Fantasy Stormblood web page.