Final Fantasy XIV Letter In the Producer Session Dated

Final Fantasy XIV is set to possess a very massive year. They’ve already had some epic live concerts showcasing the music from the game. Speaking of music, the following soundtrack for the title is coming out on June 6th, and two weeks soon after that is the extremely anticipated arrival of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, the next major expansion. So not surprisingly, Square Enix wants to maintain players updated on what is taking place inside the game and what is coming up via a live Q&A session.

This is all part of their “Letter From the Producer” series, of which this subsequent one will be the 35th entry. It’ll take place on April 28th and feature Producer Naoki Yoshida answering questions about the upcoming Patch 4.0, which is what Stormblood is. You can view the “Letter From the Producer” Q&A on Youtube, Niconico, or Twitch.

Do you want to ask a question in the Q&A? There are two ways to do that. First, you can buy FFXIV Gil go to the official Final Fantasy XIV forums and pose a question there before the Q&A happens. The team behind the Q&A will be pulling the best questions from there. Or, if you want to test your luck with questions during the Q&A, just go to the FFXIV Twitter feed and post a question with the hashtag #XIVLive. You might just get your answer.

However, the team notes that “Information pertaining to job actions, action adjustments, and the battle system revamp is planned to be released during a Letter from the Producer Live scheduled for May.”

So, if you have a question in this area, just hold onto it as another Q&A is apparently coming. What information about Final Fantasy XIV do you expect to get cheap FFXIV Gil revealed inside the Q&A? What questions would you like answered? Or what ones do you want to be asked? Let us know in the comments below.