Final Fantasy bonds father and son in Television drama

A preferred on the net video game has turn out to be a setting in a serial Television drama – “Final Fantasy XIV: Hikari no Otosan” (FINAL FANTASY XIV Daddy of Light), at the moment airing on the TBS network.

The unconventional drama comprises two worlds: the live-action one particular, in which father and grown-up son play “Final Fantasy XIV Gil“, along with the video game one particular, in which the actions and expressions in the characters they handle are shown.

The drama is according to a real-life weblog by an FFXIV player named Maidy. Ren Osugi stars because the father, Hirotaro, though Yudai Chiba plays the son, Akio.

The story starts when Akio, a business equipment salesperson, is told by his mother that his father all of a sudden quit his job. When talking about this using a colleague, Akio realizes he knows nearly absolutely nothing about his father, whom he hardly ever talks to at house. The son then decides to offer his father FFXIV as a present so they are able to play together.

But beneath a program Akio calls “Hikari no Otosan” (Daddy of Light), he doesn’t reveal the correct identity of your character he controls inside the on-line game. Akio’s character, Maidy, befriends Indy, the character controlled by Hirotaro, and they go on adventures with each other. The son intends to sooner or later reveal his character’s correct identity to his father.

The drama’s innovativeness is most prominent in how it shows the video game scenes. As an alternative of generating computer-generated pictures to make use of within the Television drama, the creative team chose to film the actual game when the blogger Maidy and other players controlled the characters “to show how wonderful FFXIV is,” as outlined by Koichi Shibuya, the drama’s producer.

Shooting with the video game components took about two months. Kiyoshi Yamamoto, the director in the game scenes, communicated with all the players through online chats, providing such directions as, “Make your character say ‘hello'” and “Make your character cross their arms.”

Both Shibuya and Yamamoto agree that the “weather” was by far the most difficult a part of shooting the video game scenes. For example, even when they wanted to film a scene below the sun, it would occasionally rain. Additionally, evening and day arrive sooner in FFXIV Gil, with one day equivalent to 70 minutes in actual time. However they remained committed to capturing the video game.