Elder Scrolls Online Vvardenfell Map: Morrowind skyshards locations revealed

Who does not like collectibles? Nicely plenty of persons, but collectibles that do some thing is far more enticing. The skyshards in Elder Scrolls Online are just that – collecting cheap eso gold three shards grants players an more talent point.

Using the addition of Vvardenfell, the new map that came with the Morrowind expansion, players are on the lookout for the new skyshards. If you’re tired of the chase and just want the answers, we’ve some valuable guides for you personally.

Elder Scrolls Online Vvardenfell map: All of the skyshard places
With Vvardenfell comes 18 new skyshards towards the planet of Elder Scrolls Online – that is six new talent points for your character’s develop. TESO Life designed an interactive map that lays out all of the skyshards across the whole world map, which now consists of a lately added map for Vvardenfell.

Each and every on the numbers on the actual map is interactive and give a detailed description of the way to uncover each person skyshard.

For instance, right here is definitely an excerpt for the initial skyshard:

At a tiny shrine exactly where the road forks

Inside the southeastern a part of the main map, just west from the Matus-Akin Egg Mine solo dungeon, north in the Molar Mag Wayshrine.
This can be certainly one of these shards which you cannot miss. Which is, if you are following the primary road. The name heavily hints towards the location. One may wonder in the event the name came before the place was even set, or was it the other way about.

Just head north in the Molar Mag Wayshrine. There is a modest ascending portion that takes you towards the best from the hill. As you pass by the quick blue fire brazier, the path will go downhill, appropriate toward the shard. Its glow can be a bit hidden by the substantial rocks subsequent to it, so spotting it may be an issue if you come in the other direction.
For the complete list, check out their web page – they’ve performed each of the work for you.

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