Elder Scrolls Online Releases Morrowind Notion Art with Q&A

The Elder Scrolls Online is nearing its Morrowind DLC release date on June 6. To celebrate and keep the excitement level high, ZeniMax has released some new and beautiful notion art alongside a Q&A with the artist. Igxe.com offers the cheapest ESO Gold online, hurry up to buy now!

The artist, Lucas Slominski, certainly has brought together all the elements that make Morrowind what it is. We see the river of lava trickling down from the Red Mountain, the ugly mushrooms, bizarre architecture, and of course, the infamous Cliff Racers (or Cliff Striders, but we all know what they really are).

In the post on the Elder Scrolls Online website, he is asked a number of questions regarding his work, which he answered quite eloquently. My personal favorite bit of the article is when he speaks about his process and shares some sketches of what could have been. Slominski states that he “will also often shoot my own photos, using myself or friends as models,” which I find quite interesting.

Slominski says that the process of creating the idea art can take up to 8 weeks as he works at a high pixel resolution. The outcome, however, is magnificent, so we’re certainly not complaining about the timeline. He praises ZeniMax for “delivering art at the highest possible quality” while speaking about changes in focus or marketing during the process and then goes on to discuss the tools he uses to create such works of art.

If you’re an artist, simply interested in the Q&A, or you want a high resolution version of that concept art, make sure to check out the post on the Elder Scrolls Online website. If you want more Morrowind news, check out our last piece where we discussed lore and the newest travel series, hosted by a Morag Tong assassin in “Elder Scrolls Online Release Lore-Friendly Guide to Vivec City”.