Elder Scrolls Online is cost-free for any week on all platforms, offers players unrestricted access

Zenimax Online’s well known MMO set in the Elder Scrolls universe is going to be going totally free for a whole week. The event will give access to all base game content material in the Elder Scrolls Online, which, even without having its DLC, adds as much as an massive amount of gameplay possibilities.

All new players joining the event will get 500 Crowns free of charge, the game’s premium currency made use of in its in-game store for cosmetic products and more. Players who make a decision to buy cheap ESO Gold the game during or immediately after the event may have all their progress, at the same time as any items bought with Crowns carried over for the full game. Also, whilst the event takes place, all editions with the game will likely be offered at a discounted cost.

The Elder Scrolls Online’s free week begins later today at 3 PM BST and runs until April 18 for Pc, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The absolutely free event could serve as an excellent opportunity for new and returning players alike to discover the unsafe lands of Tamriel, with significantly less than a month to go ahead of the Morrowind expansion hits the game.

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