Did Square-Enix Play it Secure for the Finale of FINAL FANTASY XIV: HEAVENSWARD?

On June 23, 2015, FINAL FANTASY XIV released its very first expansion titled HEAVENSWARD, which concluded the story of A REALM REBORN. Soon after two years of raiding and rage quits, HEAVENSWARD drew to a close together with the release on the FAR EDGE OF FATE Aspect two. Now you may obtain cheap FFXIV Gil on igxe.com.

Though the overall impression of HEAVENSWARD has been optimistic, the finale was lacking within a few essential aspects when compared with the ending of A REALM REBORN. Most notably, the lack of a final boss fight too as the somber finish for the story. Taking into consideration how there were adverse reactions for the final boss of A REALM REBORN, Square-Enix took player feedback into account for the finale of HEAVENSWARD. In my opinion, it was a mix of player feedback, also as more effort getting place in to the subsequent expansion that led to a significantly less grandiose ending for HEAVENSWARD.

The lack of a final Trial battle was among the list of stark variations between the endings. For anybody not acquainted with the term, a Trial is definitely an instanced fight exactly where eight players take down a strong boss. A REALM REBORN’s final battle, titled THE Actions OF FAITH, had players protect a bridge in the dragon, Vishap.

It would be an understatement to say that this battle caused loads of outrage amongst players upon initial release. A fight that ought to take 20 minutes at most became an all day affair (I was a part of the latter). This was due to the complexity in the fight combined together with the lack of coordination that accompanies randomly matched players.

MMO games have many of the most involved boss fights that need precise tasks to be provided to players. If they didn’t complete their activity, the whole group suffers, causing a wipe. This battle was also tied to the primary story so no one couldn’t proceed for the finale without the need of finishing it. To add insult to injury, there was no loot just after this frustrating battle.

What to Expect for STORMBLOOD

The coming expansion will reflect how player feedback has influenced the progress of Final Fantasy XIV Gil. We’ve already observed evidence of that with the revamping from the combat program also as adding new fan favourite classes (Samurai and Red Mage). This may enable Square-Enix to take far more dangers and further cement itself as among the prime MMO games available