Blizzard ban World of Warcraft cheaters

Blizzard suspend accounts for as much as 18 months for using third-party software program to teleport, use scripts and automated bots.

Following Epic Games stance on cheaters, Blizzard have already been busy themselves with regards to punishing cheaters, particularly targeting World of Warcraft players who use third-party computer software to cheat.

No figure of how several accounts have been suspended, but repeat offenders have been dealt with bans up to 18 months whilst 1st time offenders were provided 6 months. Blizzard have created a system to detect cheaters applying wow gold bot computer software Honorbuddy because the ‘ban section’ of their forums have already been FLOODED with posts. Honorbuddy released a statement by means of their forums confirming that their ‘bot/tool’ had been detected.

It seems as if Honorbuddy isn’t the only computer software that was detected, with many other third-party software also being detected. These programs allow players to instantly teleport around the map, scripts to assist them in combat and in some cases completely automated bots which operate on behalf of the player.

Blizzard sent out emails to impacted accounts as well as a copy has considering the fact that surfaced on Reddit. In the e mail, Blizzard state that the account has been banned “after identifying the usage of bots or other cheat computer software,” and that “this form of cheating undermines other players’ experience and severely upsets the balance from IGXE the game environment.”